September 23 2011
NBSH J Garino Tribute Show Statement

Hey Kids!

Ok so we’re finally doing it. 
After a year of running around all over the place trying to make this thing happen, 
we in the NORMAN BATES & THE SHOWERHEADS band will finally be making our contribution to our late great friend/bass player/singer 
J Garino’s scholarship fund by way of our tribute show to him and all his J – ness.

Hard to believe it’s going on two years since we lost Big J. 
As we’re sure he would’ve wanted, we’ve maintained our old band (of over 25 years, same 4 members) for fun, 
for therapy and for the love of crap. 
Most or all of you know that we now have the legendary Dave Thomas playing and singing in J’s seat. 
We were able to play a show this past summer to crack that seal and it was great. 

We also now include in our live show, a full set of songs from J’s solo act, 
THE ROCK OF JBRALTAR. J released two Rock of JBraltar records; Dumbing it Down and Nod To Norman EP, 
with songs more of bluegrass-ish style with clean guitar and banjo. 
We have our friend, the famous Chris D’Andrea on banjo and vocals during this part of the set. 

So we’re gonna throw a big party at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn on November 12th. 
The show’s gonna start early (7pm) with some great bands/friends of ours playing including, 

And there’s more! What?! Yes! 
We’re gonna have guest bass players and singers playing with us during both the Norman Bates and Rock of JBraltar sets, 
including some serious surprises. Now you know that’s plenty of disasters waiting to happen so there’s good entertainment value there. 
Look out for SIX AND VIOLENCE sightings and sounds, gorillas, chickens (and their bands), clowns, all that …

All proceeds from the show will go to the JOHN W GARINO SCHOLARSHIP FUND from  ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY. 
You can check more info about that at 
We are honored to contribute to a future St john’s student’s better learning through our music and our friends’ music in our brother’s name.

So we’re gonna try and throw a few parties a year  with some semblance of the NBSH Family Network providing the punk and/or rock. 
We’re inviting all of you to every one of them, especially this one. 

As the great J Garino would say: Be Cool, Rock On, Well Alright!

- NBSH, Rock of JBraltar -  Queens, NY

May 13 2011 Things have been in limbo since J passed away over a year ago. We decieded to re-group a few month ago. We welcome our good friend and brother Dave Thomas to the band playing bass. Although Dave never opened the Wendy's fast food chain, and wasn't on Second City TV. He Is a gifted bass player, and we love him and having him in the band. I'm sure J is proud !! So come on down to the Dublin Pub and raise a pint in J's name. And hear a few of his solo songs from The Rock Of JBraltar. And much more. As always thanks for your love and continued support !!

November 23, 2009 Wow, It's been a while since any of us actually posted to the web site. Sorry for that, Our shows are so far and few that We never remember to update the site. We have a couple of shows coming up, Dec 18, 2009 Trash bar Brooklyn, And Fuzzys Queens Villane NY January 16 2010. I'm going to post some live shows for you all, so keep an eye on the media section. Thanks for your support and love. March 31, 2007 We want to thank everyone for coming down to Barney Mcnabbs in Yonkers last night. It was a blast. Go and check out AWKWARD THOUGHT, IRON BUTTER, THE MALADJUSTED and DEALIN' WITH IT... Yonkers definitely has a scene !!! Feb 24, 2007 We want to thank everyone for coming down to BB King's last night. It was great to see old friends as well as new ones. If you missed the show, you missed a night of pure energy. No Redeeming Social Value and Subzero took care of business. Ludichrist and Scatterbrain - classic old school sets! Please check back with us for more updates. We will be posting pictures from the show soon. Feb 2, 2007 WOW....Check out this amazing poster done by Gary Gilmore for the upcoming show. He is one talented artist from the New York Scene. Gary has done art for various NYHC bands for years. So here is the bottom line..."You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best" Two great artists from New York...No joke...Check them out !!! and

Jan 11, 2007 So here we go again. We are doing our first show of the year on FEB 23, 2007 at BB King's NYC with the legendary Ludichrist and Scatterbrain. Also sharing the stage will be our good friends, No Redeeming Social Value and SubZero. This is a show not to be missed... Buy your tickets today!!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jan 9, 2007 We like to thank Haunted Town Records and Dead City for putting out Psycho Too. If it wasn't for them and their hard work, we wouldn't be writing to you guys. Go and check them out!!! and We would also want to thank PHECK for his amazing artwork on the CD. We are big fan of his work. We are honored!!! Check out his website...he's amazing! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Jan 1, 2007 We would like to wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2007!!!
June 6, 2006 As you can see Noiseville is really moving away from punk rock, but they just had to swing off the psych path once again in order for them to reissue "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE" on vinyl.Yes, the legendary NYHC comp will be out on vinyl again,like they did back in 1989 and featured all of the "superstars" of the NYHC scene: Raw Deal / Killing Time, Breakdown, Sheer Terror, Gorilla Biscuits, Norman Bates and the Showerheads, Life's Blood, Uppercut, Outburst, you get the idea. The master tape is being beefed up and I will be re-releasing it on glorious vinyl, and the cover will feature all of the info from the first pressing booklet (and there was a lot). Blackout will be reissuing the CD and I think there will be some bonus stuff there too. The vinyl version should be out in June or July. one last pressing on vinyl, after that, you are at the mercy of ebay. The album is being remastered to punch up the sound. Bill from Blackout will be doing the CD version this summer as well. The LP version will have a gatefold cover with all the info from the original book that was included with the 1st pressing. And yes, it will be on colored vinyl too. Now some of you already knew this was happening, but let me tell you something you didn't know, there will also be a very small pressing of picture discs of this legendary album. Dang, the cats outta the bag.... More to come soon.....
June 4, 2006, For anyone who doesn't know George Tabb, he has made one of the biggest impacts on the local NYC R&R/PUNK/HC scene. Almost everyone who has a band knows him or knows of him. He needs our help. Please click on banner and show your support. Thank-you...